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“If you want to run hard and fast then don’t come to this camp! Our training will make you run faster and for longer but firstly you need to SLOW right down…your heart rate tells you how fast to run.

* We base our run training on heart rate monitoring so you need to have a watch or chest band that does this.

– Our run sessions will seem incredibly slow to any regular runners. We use the Dr Phil Maffetone method to work at improving our maximum aerobic speed.
– Endurance running (anything over 5 kms) uses between 95% and 98% aerobic energy, so we need to maximise this.
– Running slower than you do usually will also get your body burning more fat and is excellent for weight loss.
– There is no additional stress added to your body with our run training.
– You leave with a complete understanding of the best way to look after your body when running.

Our run sessions suit non runners as well as experienced runners as we work with heart rates, and not speed.”