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“Our swim training is all about slowing down to work on maximising your stroke efficiency. With an efficient stroke you will save energy and also go faster.

…However you need to unlearn your bad habits and relearn new ones.
– We work with daily drills in the sea that focus on why you are not getting faster how ever much training you are putting in.
– We also introduce you to swimming in open water if you haven’t before, or in going deeper. The Mediterranean sea is super calm with almost no waves and no tide so it is the perfect place to build your confidence in open water swimming.
– Daily sea swims are for 1-5 kms, mostly 1-2 kms, and nearly always have the option of walking back if you do not wish to continue swimming.
– All swimmers are given a pull buoy for the week and are expected to swim with it for safety reasons. Occasionally we will perform drills without it. If you have your own pull buoy or inflatable buoy you are welcome to bring it to use.
– Small fins can help for some drills but we do not provide these, as all drills can be performed without. Please make sure your drill fins are very short ones if you bring them, no more than 20 cms longer than your feet.
– Once drills are finished you can switch to longer fins if you wish to for swimming but we do not encourage it as part of the camp as it affects your swim stroke.
– You will go home with drills to continue practising on your own.”